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Touched by an Angel: The Ted Haggard Story

For those unfamiliar with Ted Haggard.   Ted Haggard was a Presidential Spiritual Advisor, during the most troubling era of our history; the Bush Administration. He was the head of a 10,000 member church in Colorado.

For those unfamiliar with Ted Haggard.

Ted Haggard was a Presidential Spiritual Advisor, during the most troubling era of our history; the Bush Administration. He was the head of a 10,000 member church in Colorado.

Ted was also the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), a group who claims they represent millions of Evangelical Christians across over 45,000 churches throughout North America.

So the question is, how did a sexually confused, prostitue befriending, methamphetamine user become the leader of an organization that touts itself as “a united voice for millions of American evangelicals since 1942”?

Let’s be honest, people do lots of things in their personal lives that contradict their public image, but yikes, how come nobody from the NAE saw through him?

Also, Ted was also one of George W. Bush’s spiritual advisors.

Did I mention that before?

People talk about Ted Haggard as though he was the only person that failed. Why was he kicked out of the church? He apologized and walked away from his sins, what type of believers did he raise up as disciples that they would kick him out like that? And why do people go on about how awful his life is as an insurance salesman? Did that suddenly become a bad profession? He has over 50 people working for him and probably makes more money than many of the people who attended his church.

Why are so few people commenting on the fact that he was kicked out of the church he built up in such an unscriptural manner? It’s because they don’t understand God’s forgiveness well enough to cry out for justice when people aren’t shown forgiveness within Christian communities. The writers themselves are either immature or unspiritual people.

Let’s focus on Ted for a minute, he openly said that prayer didn’t remove his homosexual inclinations. I’m not surprised that nothing happened, judging by the quality of the church he raised up, I don’t think he’s very close to God or understands what it means to be a righteous person. In a display of how unrepentant he is, when Ted’s indiscretion was exposed, he denied having any other same sex relationships. Shortly after, another young man from his church came forward stating that he had been given a nice chunk of change to keep his mouth shut about, you guessed it, having a sexual relationship with Ted.

When the scandal first broke, Ted’s career as a pastor was finished almost overnight. I’m not sure what stopped him from admitting to other relationships as it wasn’t going to affect anyone’s view of him. Unless he was afraid that people would frown on paying someone to be quiet so he could live a lie.

I mean come on, this is America. Since when is it wrong to give someone a six figure check in exchange for their silence? After all, Ted’s reputation as a morally upright Christian leader was at stake, what else could he do?

Oh I don’t know, maybe he could have just told the truth and led by example?

I think the worst part of the second incident, is that it wasn’t Ted who wrote the check to keep the young man silent, it was his church. That means innocent church members had donated to keep Ted as their pastor. And just how did the church plan to write such a big ticket item into that year’s expense report? And how did the recipient describe the payment on their tax form that year? Services rendered?

We all know nobody’s perfect, but some indiscretions become more public than others, just ask Eddie Murphy and Hugh Grant.

Jesus promised that what was spoken in private would be shouted from the rooftops, and that he would personally reveal all the dark secrets of man. Personally, I would rather be honest and let Christians around me know about my sin rather than try to conceal it. Unless Ted doesn’t believe in the Bible he hid behind for so long, I don’t know why he chose to be deceitful about something he was already in trouble for.

Ted also treated a young man in a documentary in a shameful manner. Jesus Camp was the name. Ted’s scenes show him to be a man much different than what he wanted to accept.

Ted’s comments about the quality of the film

The film maker’s response

The aftermath of the film

So, it’s clear to see how much of an impact that sort of thing can have on the members of an organization. I admire the Christian community in that Ted did not remain in power.

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  • The fallicy of this article is the statement that “nobody saw through him”. That is patently untrue.

    My grandfather and my mother, both well-known and respected evangalists saw right through him. I saw right through him. I know plenty of other discerning Christians who saw through Ted Haggard the very first time they met him.

    The problem is that nobody caught up in Ted’s personality and magnatism wanted to hear what discerning Christians had to say.

    But there is more to it. Ted’s biggest problem is not what he got caught for. Ted set his own ego above God, and God took him down.

    Unfortunately, the same thing that led thousands of people to follow Ted is leading them to follow others. Rejection of discernment and wisdom that God has given to His people.

    The Bible tells us to search out wisdom and discernment. The Body of Christ seems to have turned it’s back on this. And so we should not be at all suprised when this type of stuff happens.

    • Hi Michael, thank you for the comment. It is important to analyze the context of the statement that the NAE didn’t see through him, not necessarily all believers. To have a Christian organization with such a large body of members have a leader like Ted is a very telling statement. Also, I don’t know Ted personally so I can’t speculate as to whether his ego was the cause of his sin, but it is clear that he put his will before God’s in his life. It is potentially encouraging that God would not allow Ted to continue on in his leadership role, a good humbling can bring about salvation and true repentance.

  • Hi,
    Here are a few facts

    1) Many times if we attend a church and we desire to grow according to the Word of God – we must first notice and take inventory of the leadership, listen and analyze what is being taught and if we see error in the leadership and do nothing to bring about repentance or leave that church we are just as guilty as the leadership. Like priest like people.

    2) Never get excited about the crowd or the famous name or the miracles you might see – Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them not the crowd, name or miracles.

    3) Most of all lets pray for the Body of Christ – anyone of us could fall into sin and error – we must continually stay before the Lord – pray without ceasing.

    The Lord Jesus came into our hearts and changed us 39 years ago. We have seen the miracles and move of God but we have also saw some charlatans’ (imposter) in the Body of Christ. Please pray for the Church.

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