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Finally back from China after a year, so many stories to tell

You may have been wondering why the site has been so quiet this past year, it was because I was in China for work since last June if you can believe that!

Facebook, and so many other things are blocked in China which made posting difficult, but I kept writing and have oceans of experiences and revelations to share–there is so much to catch up on!

Some important highlights include:

  • Came face to face with the question of whether I was truly in pursuit of God or just running a better race than others around me
  • Experienced more spiritual growth in the last year than the five years before it
    • Dealt with issues around trusting God in some new areas, materialism, procrastination, and letting my gentleness be evident to all regardless of what is going on
  • Met a Christian cult in China who is persecuted for worshiping a false version of God
    • They said God was born as a young girl in 1994, and lives in a small village in rural China (who knew!)
  • My mom nearly died due to sudden, medically inexplicable liver failure
    • She now has a liver from a random sixty-five year old stranger
  • Started going to a new church in SF
    • They are all about living the Christianity of the Bible, not a version worldly culture says is good enough
  • Helped start a live-in, Christian rehab and transition program in SF
    • Helps those who are looking to escape their addictions and troubled pasts by experiencing God’s love, and healing power
  • Got approached to write a book last November
    • I finally turned the proposal in a few weeks ago, I am waiting to hear what the publisher says
  • Had so many humbling, awesome revelations in the Bible I cannot wait write about!

Professionally, this past year was one of very hard work as I learned a lot, but for all of its intensity, it was just a backdrop for the spiritual growth God was doing in my life

Also, prepare for some fun, challenging articles in the weeks and months to come as I am going to share things which will challenge our faith, as well as our understanding of God, Christianity, and ourselves–this is exactly what God did with me this past year, and I am excited to do with you as well!

I will keep this update short, I just wanted to say I am back!

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