Jessie Daniels – “Hello/Goodbye”

[youtube id=”Q3Xbk1elzFs” width=”600″ height=”354″]

This is the first Christian breakup song I have heard and it has a lot of passion.

There is a “Smells Like Teen Spirit” style vocal chorus and companion guitar riff, and another mirror riff at the end, but, it was the first motivating song I have heard in a while.

At some points of the song she really, really takes it there, skip to 1:22 for maximum volume

I did some digging and saw that Jessie never quite took off originally, ie: her album came out in 2006 which is the same year she did some Disney Channel appearances, she has no official channel or videos on YouTube, there are only two mobile phone recordings of her playing live, a few fan videos, and the total views on all of her content on YouTube I could find is less than seventy-five thousand

Not exactly a superstar!

Her link bait web site is pretty archaic as well, as there are amazing gems such as detailed instructions on how to install her AOL buddy icon


Yeah, I burst out laughing on that one too

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