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Another night in Saigon, burning…

So, I have a very dynamic life. I work as the Executive Producer for one of the best web development companies in the world, and I spend a lot of time traveling.


So, I have a very dynamic life.


I work as the Executive Producer for one of the best web development companies in the world, and I spend a lot of time traveling


Our main development center is in Saigon, and I have spent the last three months here overseeing what could be the largest online music platform ever seen.


I had Christmas, New Year’s, and Chinese New Year’s in Vietnam, which was both surreal and crazy at the same time.


My girlfriend, Amy, flew here to spend Christmas and New Year’s with me which was amazing since I have been used to being sequestered by myself while I pull all-nighters working like a mad man ordering room service at 4am, and sleeping on the floor or wherever I happen to pass out.


In a nutshell, my life is crazy, but it is filled with adventure.


Amy and I spent the night talking over Saigon Crushes, getting mildly tipsy, and then I had a serious of intense conference calls while she passed out on the bed.


After my calls were done at 3am, I dragged Amy out of bed, enticing her with the offer of riding our five dollar a day moped around the city, looking for trouble in the form of Tiger beer and completely hygienic, roadside food.


Did I mention, the roadside food is far from hygienic in Saigon.


Anyways, Amy and I took a chastity vow a few months ago as we prepare for marriage in June.




No seriously, yay…


Chastity is challenging, there is no doubt about that.


My feelings for Amy are unparalleled, and she is the only person that I have ever loved. So, as you can imagine, it feels like awful to restrain the desire to be physically close, especially since we have already had sex, and it was amazing.


No seriously, yay…




However, it is important to do so as we are getting closer through spiritual and intellectual maturity, both as individuals and as a couple.


For example, we drove around Saigon tonight, talking about how to spread the message of God with tact and cleverness, all while avoiding giant trucks and haphazard motorists who were roaring through the streets alongside us. We sat on the side of the road, getting crowed at by a persnickety rooster while eating a four dollar feast, and talked about Google, God, and how to instill the notion of holiness in a generation of people that do not regard anything in life as sacred or holy, even themselves.


As the sun is beginning to come up at 6am, I have a conference call in two hours, then, I get to sleep for a few more hours, before I have to get up and do more work.


I love God, and my life, as hectic and fun as it is; nothing ever happens according to expectation, but it is never dull and I trust God that it is exactly what He wants me to do, so I give it my all.

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  • Nathan, You rock! Taking a vow of chastity is a tough thing to do. It’s the hard thing to do. And your marriage will be better for it. Such a commitment proves that you and Amy take your marriage vows seriously. It proves that your relationship goes beyond the physical. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog!

    • Hi Eric, thank you for the encouragement! Chastity is no joke, but it feels liberating to know that we are both so confident God chose us to be together that we are willing to wait. One thing we pray is that our chastity vow will be something God uses to minister to others as well; we talk about it non-stop with all of our friends regardless of their beliefs. We are looking to get married in June, there will be lots of pictures!

    • Well hello!
      I am glad you enjoy this, it is fun to write and it is a good outlet
      Mostly, it is a good outlet for me to write in
      The wedding will be amazing, I am glad you will be available to celebrate with us!

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