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Home again soon, editing videos this weekend from Night of Joy!

Every Friday I get so excited to go home and see Amy, living apart five days a week is tough, so every moment we have together is beyond cherished as you can imagine

Last weekend we played music, stayed up late, slept in late, exercised, wrote, and talked about God–I couldn’t imagine being happier than when we are together

Every day I am so thankful for Amy, her character is amazing and she is so overwhelmingly loving, kind, and is sincerely in pursuit of God; being with a godly woman is its own reward, beyond anything I can even begin to describe

This past weekend we got the t-shirts squared away, and focused on promoting God and Stuff, this weekend we are going to work on editing the interviews taken while at Night of Joy a few weeks ago

Overall, I want to show the answers that people give when asked regular questions, but then also show their answers for some tough questions as well

I have one of the most intelligent atheists I know as a best friend (Ofir), so it is really interesting to talk with people about things that he and I go back and forth on all the time

No matter what, I try not to take this sparring partner for granted

That may sound odd, but since we get into discussions all the time about Christianity, religion in general, Judaism, etc…, those times keep us both sharp and they make us both think

Not everyone has this type of person in their life to help them get stronger and tougher, and I am beyond blessed to have him as a friend because he is a great person, not just because he goes out of his way to challenge Christianity (which I love too!)

I am looking forward to doing a larger video project that shows people’s answers about their relationship with God and how they answer tough questions, as I think the answers may shock people

Happy for the weekend!

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  • Hello Nathan,

    I just wanted to comment on your site for so many reasons; but for the sake of brevity, I will cite only two of those reasons.  One, I have had the pleasure of “speaking” with your lovely wife Amy through our mutual websites and she certainly is a woman after God’s heart, and her spiritual growth and awareness is beautiful and so apparent. She is truly a sister in Christ and I wanted to let you know how wonderful and talented I think she is. 

    And, two – she has been mentioning your site on her blogs and I wanted to check you out…I have read a couple of your posts and you have incredible insight in our Father’s word, and Christianity overall; and I have enjoyed reading your articles.  I look forward to reading more and sharing your site, as I have done with Amy’s with all of my contacts/friends. 

    God Bless you and Amy as you continue your journey in life together.


    119:105 Psalm “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

    • Hi Camille,

      Wow, thank you for taking the time to write such wonderful things

      God has blessed me tremendously with Amy, nothing in my life could have prepared me for her, and it is amazing to be this journey of growth and righteousness together–her character is quite beautiful

      Thank you for the feedback on the articles here, I love God, and really want to provide a perspective to both Christians and non-Christians that a relationship with our Father is more than what people typically know or settle for–nobody likes being bored, and there is nothing boring about God!

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