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Preparing for another tour in Vietnam

I am at home in SF today, and am preparing for another trip to Vietnam as we are about to work on a massive streaming audio platform for Under Armour

When I got home last night, I told Amy that I was going to have to go away and she burst into tears

She stopped sobbing and said that no matter what, she would always support me

Great, but ouch…

To put the situation in context, Amy and I lived apart for four months between November and March of this year which was really difficult

She came to see me a couple of times, once over Christmas and once during February, but it was still really tough

Now, going into another stretch of separation for what could be a couple months, after having lived apart and only getting to see each other on weekends for the last five months since I got back, it didn’t go over well

I work really, really hard, there is no doubt about that, and I am going to miss Amy like crazy, but I will also miss all the other things that will get put on hold like having all my music equipment to come home to every weekend


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