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Heading to Night of Joy tomorrow, Christian interviews will abound!

I am so excited to go to Night of Joy this weekend at Disneyworld, it should be amazing to be around contemporary music and other enthusiastic Christians!

As part of a new documentary project I am putting together, I am going to interview Christians and ask some straightforward, but revealing questions on camera, ie:

  • When and how did you become a Christian
  • What does being a Christian mean to you
  • What do you do in your life that shows others that you are a Christian
  • What are some things you are working on
  • What makes Christianity better than other religions, and how do we know it is “the way”

I am going to put together a very small documentary about people’s answers as I genuinely believe the results will be both alarming and funny at the same time

I will of course put my own answers there too, ha!

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